Why Shaping?

  1. We are not a gym. Tired of working out at the gym and not getting the results you want? Try us. We do not rely on exercise machines. The shaping workout focuses on stressing muscle groups with your own body weight and minimal equipment. It is a combination of the best workouts: aerobics, ballet, pilates and yoga.

  2. Small group environment with a personal training! We offer small classes, no more than 12 women in a class. This allows the instructor to work directly with every student, altering the standard set of moves to suit individual needs. In this way, a shaping class is like a session with a personal trainer for everyone in a class! Students are encouraged to bring up personal concerns regarding health and personal physical goals with their trainer. Programs are changed every two months to keep students stimulated and interested.
  4. Program designed for women of all ages and of all levels of fitness experience. Women as young as 14 and as old as 76 enjoy our Shaping classes. The workout is tailored to individual needs and strengths with different levels of intensity and difficulty.
  6. Participants can start any time during the month. Classes are scheduled twice a week; each session lasts 1 hour. Shaping USA has morning, afternoon and evening classes to suit any woman’s busy schedule.

There may be other programs that say they are designed to shape up women, but none can stand up to Shaping USA program and none offers our results. All interested ladies are invited to try out the class for free before enrolling.

Call 847-850-0204 to sign up for a FREE Trial Class.